So simple.
The sound of simplicity

Voice messaging

So simple.
So professionnal.

Greet your customers with your brand, your voice.
Newmood edits, records, and translates your messages into any language. Our professional voice talents bring your brand to life!

On-hold messages

So simple.
So effective.

Captivate and inform your customers with your brand, your message. With Newmood, you make the most of customer calls by offering an on-hold experience unlike any other.

Background music

So simple.
So enticing.

Draw customers into your world with your brand, your background music. Newmood creates background music and customized private radio channels that enhance the overall customer experience.

Digital Signage

So simple.
So captivating.

Use your brand and image to appeal to the sense your customers use most—sight. Newmood creates digital advertising to get the message across about your promotions, products, and services.

So simple.
The sound of simplicity

Newmood has a unique take on sensory marketing. Voices, sound, and signage engage all your customers’ senses, all to your benefit! For over 30 years, Newmood has helped thousands of clients across Canada enhance their brand identity. Our customized voice messaging, on-hold messages, background music, and digital signage services offer unparalleled broadcast quality at a price you’ll love.
Your brand, your identity, no contract. Sounds good!


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