If you already use our services and wish to download our ambiance control application :

Windows (32 bits)

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Disponible sur Google Play

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Notes on Newmood's ambiance control application
  • Connecting to an Audiobox (the device that plays your music) requires a password. Please contact our technical support to obtain it.
  • The control application only works if your device is on the same local network as your Audiobox.
  • The application allows to switch channels, skip to next song, ban an artist or a song and adjust the volume. It does not allow to select a specific song.
  • Newmood could have prepared a personalized programmation for you which play different kind of music at specific periods of the day. This is called your regular programming. When you select a channel via the control application, it replaces your regular programming until you hit the "Regular programming" button on the control application.