What music should be played in a store?

Although it does not seem important, music plays a fundamental role in the atmosphere of retail stores and restaurants. Music, yes ... but not just any music! Choosing the right music is as important as identifying your brand image. When you are a business owner or administrator, questions regarding music come up soon enough, so here are a few important points to consider for your musical atmosphere!


As Newmood's music programmer Pier-Luc Pothier tells us: "It's obvious that you shouldn't be playing the same music in a department store as you would in a shop for young people. The choice of music must, first of all, be adapted to the customers, which is why it is essential to know your customers well. The average age, demographics, socio-cultural environment and consumer expectations are important factors. For example, popular music will project a young and dynamic image while classical or jazzy music will probably give a more upscale impression. The job is therefore to find the perfect mix of music styles and artists that your customers will enjoy and that is true to your brand image.


In order to avoid music becoming irritating, either because it’s too repetitive or due to lack of new music, it is essential to have a wide variety of songs and artists, for the satisfaction of your employees as well as your customers. Additionally, the more pop music or recent music styles you have in your playlists, the more important it is to often update your musical content with new releases. Especially in the last few years, with the rate of new releases accelerating and the life cycle of a song being much shorter. It is therefore fine to remove pop songs that may be out of fashion after a certain amount of time. 


For this first one, it would better to include a ratio of local French content in your playlist. However, this aspect depends on the owner, since music broadcasting in a business is not regulated by the CRTC in Canada. It is therefore possible to broadcast whatever you want, as long as you pay the public performance rights to the regulatory bodies (Socan, Re-Sonne, etc.).


Seasons and time of year can also be an important factor for the musical content of your business. Depending on your type of business, it may be interesting to broadcast music related to Valentine's Day or the holiday season, for example. However, you should not only be playing this type of music. Instead, opt for a more balanced ratio. Some companies like Newmood allow you to have a personalized ratio, which can change from day to day. As well as the weather, the time of day can also have an impact on the atmosphere of your business. It would be possible to play softer music in the morning or when it rains and have something more dynamic in the evening or when the weather is nice.


Depending on your type of business and on your customers, it is recommended to pay special attention to the explicit content of your playlist (children's stores, retail stores for the general public, etc.). Some music providers are able to filter songs with explicit content. 


Volume and acoustics can have a significant impact on the atmosphere of your business. It is important to follow some rules and to reflect the brand image that you want to portray. For example, you can expect the music in a bar or restaurant to be generally louder than in a store.


Setting up a playlist for a business may seem easy, but as we've discussed, there are several factors that can influence musical content. It is not recommended to make your own playlist unless you know your customers really well and have the time and want to update them often! It would be better to ask a company that will provide you with quality playlists that are personalized and adapted to your customers tastes.