For successful on hold messages!

For someone to call a company and get put on hold, it is almost an impossible situation. While it may not be a very pleasant step, it is necessary for businesses to handle a large number of calls. Telephone on-hold has a bad reputation for several reasons. This could be due to a radio silence, an aggressive beep, or a poorly designed on-hold message, which does not help in making waiting pleasant. But it is possible to remedy this and use your telephone system, as a powerful promotional and organizational tool! Below are a few ideas and tips on how to go about it!


Create a professional image

Did you know that well-designed on-hold messages with pleasant, enjoyable, smiling narration, have the power to make your callers feel more confident about retaining your services? It also increases their trust in your company. It's tricky, but the reverse is really true. An unpleasant delay provides your callers with a great opportunity to judge your facilities and customer service.

Tip #1

Play music which is really suitable for on-hold calls. Generally speaking, the music should be in line with your brand image. The longer the average wait of a customer, the softer the music should be. 

Tip #2
Broadcast positive messages about your business, which can increase brand awareness and loyalty. For example, we strongly recommend describing accomplishments, your social commitments or any other pertinent subject.


Share important messages or commercials

Custom on-hold messages with background music, can be integrated into most telephone systems. Take advantage of your callers' waiting time to play important messages or broadcast your pre-made radio commercials. Companies spend huge amounts of money on advertising to get people's attention for just few seconds. So why not use this precious waiting time while you have the full attention of your callers, for free? It's the perfect opportunity to talk about your new products, mention promotions or remind people of what makes you stand out. Showcase yourself!

Tip #3
We strongly recommend that you write short, independent messages, with a musical interludes. The volume of the music should be turned down during narrative messages.

Tip #4
Promote short sentences, as listening can be interrupted at any time.


Avoid caller discomfort

Have you ever judged a company based on how poor their phone messages were? We have. Avoid giving your existing or potential customers negative arguments about the quality of your service or brand image. 

Tip #6
Avoid beeps and radio silence. Once a customer has been placed on hold on radio silence, the customer tends to hang up in less than 40 seconds because that customer thinks, "I've been forgotten". 

Tip #7
Work with professional narrators that reflect your company's image. There is basically no time to save money, and use someone with a great voice. Narrating, is a profession and goes far beyond the sound of the voice.


Using personalized on-hold messages and appropriate music is the best way to maximize your callers' waiting time. Newmood is a supplier of on-hold messages and on-hold broadcasting equipment. To find out more about our services, click here.