"The days of royalty-free elevator music are over." This is what the Minister for Culture, Nathalie Roy, announced on June 20 when she invited the media to a special press conference regarding on-hold music.

Wishing to give a hand to Quebec's music industry, the minister announced that the on-hold music broadcast by the different levels of Quebec's government will now have to be 100% Quebecois. This new measure would apply to all government departments and bodies such as the Société des Alcools du Québec and Loto-Québec.

According to the  information provided, there would also be some specific aspects concerning the language. For example, 90% of the music used should have lyrics in French. The remaining 10% would be in indigenous languages or in English.

Through these measures, the government wishes to ensure that Quebecois music reaches a greater audience and therefore allow artisans to benefit more from the royalties.

How to meet these specifications

Fortunately, if this news impacts your operations, a number of solutions are open to you. There are companies such as Newmood that provide businesses with music and offer a turnkey service that fulfils this new requirement.

1. First, a project manager will check the compatibility with your IP phone system.
2. Then, a music programmer will create a personalised playlist that matches your musical preferences and that is 100% Quebecois.
3. The supplier will handle payment of the various fees to regulatory bodies such as SOCAN and Re:Sound on your behalf.

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