Emerging as a new trend, Indie Pop is making its way onto global charts, revealing a dynamic and fresh sound. Discover our new mood of the month: Newmood Indie Pop.

From its inception, it's been the unique sound of the Indie Pop genre that has captured the attention of audiences worldwide. By blending the crisp tones of acoustic guitar, Pop Rock’s energy and the sweetness of analog synths, music’s newest prodigies have managed to create the perfect recipe for a youthful, new, and dynamic ambiance.

The Newmood Indie Pop Ambiance

Opting for the Newmood Indie Pop ambiance provides your clientele with a cutting-edge experience, offering a dynamic and unprecedented sound. Meet indie artists like JVKE, Lizzy Mccalpine, Dayglow or Renforshort through our high end background music solutions.

Tune in to our listening room to discover how the novelty of Indie Pop can breathe new life into the atmosphere of your establishment.

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The cover image and thumbnail are from Justin Higuchi and Wikimedia Commons.