Voice messaging systems

So simple. So professionnal.

Greet your customers with your brand, your identity, your voice.

Newmood offers a wide variety of professional voice talents, each with distinct characteristics. Let us enhance your voice messaging system with a unique personality—yours.

Our voice messages services

  • Consulting services to help create your tree structure

  • Drafting, revision, and translation of scripts

  • Casting for unique and original voices

  • Voice recording session

  • File conversion and splitting

  • Transfer of digital audio files

Discover our voices

Male or female, you decide. Soft spoken or high energy, you decide. The efficiency of English, the beauty of French, the warmth of a romance language, you decide. In other words, you decide which voice will appeal the most to your clientele!

Discover our voices


  • narrateurAccess to a wide range of talents

  • audiofileAll digital audio file formats supported

  • clockGuaranteed availability of your voice actor, any time

  • translateRecordings in all languages

Quick, efficient process

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